NufenenPass to Ventimiglia

Hi everyone, greetings from Italy, tomorrow I will be at the novena pass (nufenenpass) and I will start the gta, I hope to be able to update you on the conditions of the paths.

If any of you meet a guy with a beard and a white sheepdog it’s me :slight_smile:
p.s sorry I use google translator

1 „Gefällt mir“

from Alagna to Rifugio Santino Ferioli, the path is closed for safety but will reopen soon
(mud valley)
info refuge ferioli: Rifugio Santino Ferioli on Instagram: "Fino a nuova comunicazione, la salita/discesa al rifugio è consentita solo da Rima S. Giuseppe"

From alpe cruina to capanna greis

Morasco lake

Nefelgiu pass (towards Rif margaroli)

1 „Gefällt mir“

Scatta minoia

After scatta minoia

Passo valtendra (some snow before pass)

I don’t have crampons with me, but some here use them (recommended), the snow is soft, be careful near rivers with snow on them

I use flat shoes for trekking

Balmelle village (near passo del Gialiat)
Alpe veglia-Gondo
I put my tent here (there Is water) because It Is too long for Gondo, no snow up here.

Last part, before Gondo
Be careful, this Is the only little problem from Alpe veglia to Gondo

No snow alpe veglia gondo

From gondo to Zwischergen
At the hotel they tell me, the Trail in part is not accessible due to landslide and unsafe snow above the streams (you follow the path but many times you return to the asphalt road), so I took the bus that takes you up to the top of the village. you can book the bus from the Bellevue inn (circa 10euro) the First bus that i taken Is at 09.25

From gattascosa refuge to antronapiana, the Trail is good, no snow., Just After alpe preja the Trail Is not always visible. And After passo preja the Trail Is narrow, sometimes steep until alpe cheggio.